IVECO X-WAY MY24 Built to Cross All Terrains Perfect Crossing


Perfect for your mission. With the IVECO X-Way, you can find the ideal vehicle for those missions that feature off-road work.

Up to 10% improvement in fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions thanks to the new powertrain, vehicle controls and improved aerodynamics.

Digital driver cockpit including new TFT instruments, new infotainment and mirrorless camera. New steering wheel and controls ensure comfort and safety for the driver in every operation.

New Highway Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop&Go and GSR functionalities.

New axle versions suitable for every mission and vehicle configuration.

Mobility Solutions tailored to your needs. Better productivity and uptime with enhanced remote controls and connected services.

    Crane & platform The IVECO X-Way can be fitted with every type of crane, from flatbed to platform
    cranes. The robustness and modular concept of the vehicle enables cranes to be
    fitted at the back of the cab, in a central position or at the rear of vehicle with no
    compromise on stability.
    Tipper The IVECO X-Way tipper will get you everywhere you need to go: Choose from
    a wide range of wheelbases, axle configurations, single and hub reduction, on and
    off-road setups, powerful engines. Create a configuration to match any customer
    need, maximizing the profitability for your business.
    Hook & skip loader The IVECO X-Way offers the outstanding manoeuvrability, compact overall
    dimensions, ground clearance and traction you need from your hook or skip loader.
    The extensive range of configurations provides the flexibility to match your mission
    precisely: distribution with many loading and unloading cycles every day; long
    distance transport with a couple of cycles a day; urban missions requiring excellent
    manoeuverability or driving on difficult terrain.
    Gully cleaner The IVECO X-Way is optimised for easy installation of a gully cleaner body and to
    provide all the features you need. High performance is essential in this mission, and
    the new XC13 provides up to 2600 Nm. The clutch independent sandwich PTO
    delivers the torque required for the suction pump.
    Tipper semi-trailer Tipper semi-trailer
    IVECO X-Way tractors combine the best fuel efficiency engine XC13, the new ADAS
    features and the new AS cab completely redesigned around driver’s needs. These
    features give you the confidence to tackle with ease the “last mile” and the difficult
    conditions of jobsites when making your delivery, while ensuring high productivity,
    safety and excellent Total Cost of Ownership.
    Mixer The IVECO X-Way pushes the boundaries when it comes to its exceptionally low
    kerb weight: with an 8x4 chassis set up for a concrete mixer, featuring a 9-litre engine
    with up to 400 hp (294 kW) and 1700 Nm, delivers outstanding fuel efficiency.
    Timber The IVECO X-Way delivers the best power in its class up to 580hp and offers
    the ideal features to load, transport and unload timber with ease. It will transport
    your logs comfortably in forests and woods, on the roads, and all the way to your
    destination thanks to the powerful engines, 3 vehicle setups, the robust chassis, big
    payload capacity and hydrostatic drive
    Refuse collection The IVECO X-Way with the new 9 ton tag axle is ideal for rear loading refuse
    collection and other missions with high rear loads
    Helps you through the day Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) When technology takes care of your safety and that of other road users to give you a calm, stress-free driving experience. Level 2 ADAS systems support the driver to be more comfortable and safer, features include HIGHWAY ASSIST and ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL WITH STOP&GO.
    Sleek and Innovative Mirrorless Camera The new mirrorless camera allows for a better visibility for the driver and improves aerodynamics aiding fuel economy. The front face includes headlamps with LED daytime running lights as standard, LED headlamps available, radar for ADAS functions, steps and grab handles to access the windscreen and side air deflectors designed to keep the door and mirrors clear even in adverse weather conditions.
    Exterior Style Stylish in all environments The new IVECO logo is available in chrome or matt gun metal finishes. There are eight grille options to choose from. These include glossy finishes, metallic elements or even body-coloured allowing operators to adapt their IVECO S-Way to mirror their corporate branding.
      Interior Interior features such as ALC (Alcohol Interlock), BSIS (Blind Spot Info System) Detects road users moving at 5-20 km/h speed in the nearside blind spot zone, providing visual and acoustic warnings, MOIS (Moving Off Info System) Detects nearby road users in the front blind spot zone, providing visual and acoustic warnings, DDAW (Driver Drowsiness Attention Warning) Monitors the driver alertness and provide a warning when they are drowsy and more.
      XCursor 13 High Efficency Engines New XCursor 13 diesel brings state-of-the-art powerline technologies such as Dual Flow Turbine Volute for Downspeeding, Higher fuel injection pressure (2.500 bar), New lighter cylinder block, crankshaft and camshaft, Smart auxiliaries and Friction reductions. Top Engine rating produces up to 580 hp and 2.800 Nm of torque, perfect for heavy-duty missions that require maximum performance, while 500 hp rating, with 2.600 Nm of torque is the best to maximize efficiency on long-haul missions. Engine weight has been reduced by 10%, while durability standard is now up to 1,6 million kilometres, 33% greater than its predecessor. The new High Performance Engine Brake is the best in the market, capable to substitute the Intarder in most missions.
      Peace and mind Cab Choices Choose from the full width AS sleeper cab with low or high roof for longer distance use or the compact AT sleeper cab with low or high roof for more regional missions. For those missions that don’t require a sleeper can, the AD day cab is the ideal choice.
      Improved Comfort New Interior Design The driver and passenger’s comfo rt is guaranteed by a choice of seats with all with full backrest. Choose from vinyl, fabric or leather, heated, air suspension, lumber suppo rt and even seat belt colour. With the improved ergonomics with the steering wheel and controls, every driver will be comfo rtable