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Iveco Daily 4x4


With the Daily 4x4 no place is out of reach. Daily 4x4 offers you a choice of on/off and off-road capability, allowing you to easily manage all conditions, from the most extreme terrain to mixed rough and tarmac roads. Furthermore, the unique 4x4 at 7 tonnes GVW takes robustness to another level. It is the only light commercial vehicle that is built like a truck with a solid load-bearing chassis and high-performance suspensions, making it an excellent vehicle to be customised for a wide variety of applications.

New Daily 4x4 Cab

Wheelbase(mm)Chassis CabCrew CabChassis Cowl

Daily 4x4 Van

Wheelbase(mm) H1 (1545mm) H2 (1900mm) H3 (2100mm)
5.5t / 7t Single Wheel

5.5t / 7t Single Wheel

5.5t / 7t Single Wheel

5.5t / 7t Single Wheel

5.5t / 7t Single/Twin Wheel
5.5t / 7t Single/Twin Wheel

Exterior The Daily 4X4's exterior comes with great perks such as a extensive range of van and chassis cabs, tough and reliable platform body and offers you a choice of on/off and off road capability allowing you to easily manage all conditons.
ABSOLUTE DRIVING PLEASURE Gears Selection Thanks to its double low ratios the Daily 4x4 is available with 12 forward gears with manual transmission and 16 with the HI-MATIC transmission, offering unlimited climbing ability while maintaining maximum comfort. You can easily engage the low speed ratio by activating the ergonomic button on the dashboard.
STRENGTH AND ROBUSTNESS Unique Chassis The specially designed chassis frame with load capacity up to 5000 kg on the rear; the new front axle with independent front suspension; the 3-piece steel front bumper and the full disc brakes with specially developed ESP programme, make the Daily 4x4 the only vehicle on the market able to meet the customers’ needs for robustness, sustained performance and record reliability.
SUITED TO YOUR NEEDS High Payload The unique Daily 4x4 with its 7 tonne GVW, payload up to 4300 kg and body lengths up to 5 metres provides maximum bodybuilder customisation. The multiple Power-Take-Offs mean the Daily 4x4 is adaptable for all applications. With the vast range of easy to mount equipment such as winches and snow ploughs you can find the right combination for every on and off road operation.
Interior The Daily 4x4's interior includes features such as a passenger bench with extractable table, suspended seats for extra comfort, webasto independent heater, leather steering wheel and premium headrest and more, enquire for more information.
EXTENSIVE LINE UP Van and Chassis Cabs The new Daily 4x4 Van has a line up offering 5.5 and 7 tonne versions and spacious cargo volumes ranging from 9 to 18 m3 for the single wheel off-road and from 16 to 18 m3 for the twin wheel on/off road version. The solid Daily 4x4 Chassis Cab now extends the GVW to a unique 7 tonne with wheelbases ranging from 3080 mm to 4175 mm ensuring it can cope with all the requirements that working in remote locations necessitate.
NO MORE COLD STARTS Independent Heater Cold starts are a thing of the past with the Webasto independent heater: set the timer to pre-heat the engine and the cab, and step into your pleasantly warm Daily van when you are ready to go.
VERSATILE Differential Locks The Daily 4x4 ensures perfect traction in every situation with 3 locking differentials in the front and rear axles, and a central one on the transfer box. The differentials can be locked and unlocked with the ergonomic switches on the dashboard