Iveco Daily Chassis Cab Haynes Trucks Always Driving Value



So much more than a commercial vehicle. The New Daily Chassis Cab is designed to help you operate your business sustainably and profitably.

With the New Daily Chassis Cab technology is at your service: when you spend the majority of your working day behind the wheel, you want your on-board living conditions and driving experience to be second to none. Throughout its 40-year history, the Daily has continuously made improvements, raising your living and driving experience to the highest levels in the industry.

The New Daily Chassis Cab embraces connectivity unlocking a whole new world of highly personalised services precisely tailored to match your use of the vehicle and your requirements.

It is your complete transport solution, custom-made for your business.

    Adaptive Cruise Control Automatic speed adjustment to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.
    Proactive Lane Keep Assist Stay in the lane with the Proactive Lane Keeping Assist System, which gently steers you back to the centre of the lane if you drift out.
    Crosswind Assist Sensors activate the brakes on the side of the vehicle being hit by a powerful gust of wind, ensuring its stability and your safety.

    Exterior The Daily Chassis Cab's Exterior comes with great perks such as Heated Electric Mirrors, Automatic Wipers, Heated Windscreen and more, Enquiry for more information.
    SMOOTH AND EFFORTLESSLY MANOEUVERABLE The New Electric Power Steering The new Electric Power Steering is very precise and reactive to the driver’s inputs, reducing the steering effort and providing a smooth driving experience. It also damps vibration and compensates for drift and wheel unbalances, resulting in a feeling of great stability and control. You can also activate the unique City Mode feature with the touch of a button to further reduce the effort required to steer by as much as 70% and enjoy ultimate driving pleasure even in busy city centre streets
    DRIVE IN COMFORT AND SAFETY Hi-Matic Gearbox Stay focused on traffic and driving conditions while HI-MATIC, the first 8-speed automatic transmission, takes care of the rest. Enjoy the performance, efficiency and comfort benefits offered by the Daily HI-MATIC together with the sustainability and low TCO of IVECO’s Natural Power technology.
    FEEL SAFE DRIVE SAFE Assisted Driver Assistance Systems Focus on your job in full safety. The Daily ADAS reduces the risk of accidents on motorways and busy city streets, helps you in tricky situations and takes the stress away in heavy traffic – to the benefit of your quality of life on board.
    Interior The Daily Chassis Cab's Interior includes features such as Heated Seats, Lane Keeping Assist, HI-CONNECT, Eco switch Pro and more, Enquire for more information.
    CITY BRAKE PRO Advanced Emergency Braking Systems AEBS and City Brake PRO help keep you safe by detecting a potential collision ahead and braking autonomously. In busy traffic, these features will help you to also avoid collisions at speeds as low as 5 km/h.
    ASSISTED FOLLOWING OF THE VEHICLE AHEAD Queue Assist In rush hour congestion you can activate Queue Assist at the touch of a button. Rush hour stress will be a thing of the past!
    MAINTAIN STEADY SPEED AND TRACTION Hill Descent and Traction Plus The Hill Descent Control (HDC) maintains a steady speed on long steep downhill slopes and the Traction Plus maintains grip on all slippery surface conditions.