Iveco X-Way Haynes Trucks Always Driving Value



The Stralis X-WAY raises the stakes in light off-road missions with the biggest payload in its segment. It combines the best of IVECO’s fuel-efficiency and safety technologies with the legendary off-road robustness of its toughest vehicles to deliver high productivity with low Total Cost of Operation.

The Stralis X-WAY takes the modular approach to the extreme offering ultimate flexibility, starting from a choice of line-ups that can be tailored to a specific mission with an extensive offering of features components and specifications.

    Tipper Semi-Trailer ​​​Stralis X-WAY tractors give you the confidence to tackle with ease the last mile and the difficult conditions of jobsites when making your delivery.​
    The Timber ​The Stralis X-WAY delivers the high power you need and offers the ideal features to load, transport and unload timber with ease. It will transport your logs comfortably in forests and woods, on the roads, and all the way to your destination.​
    The Mixer ​​The Stralis X-WAY pushes the boundaries when it comes to its exceptionally low kerb weight. This, combined with the robust chassis, gives its Super Loader (SL) version the best payload capacity in the market in its category.​​

    Hook Lifer / Skip Loader ​​​​Stralis X-WAY offers the outstanding manoeuvrability, compact overall dimensions, ground clearance and traction you need in your hook lifter and skip loader. The extensive range of configurations provides the extreme flexibility to match
    your mission precisely.
    Tipper ​​​​The Stralis X-WAY Tipper will drive everywhere you need it to: on and off-road, up and down steep slopes, on uneven winding tracks and barely marked paths across open land.​
    Crane ​​Stralis X-WAY can be fitted with every type of crane, from flatbed to platform cranes. The robustness and modular concept of the Stralis X-WAY enables us to fit cranes at the back of the cab, in a central position or at the rear of the vehicle with no compromise on stability.​
    Gully Cleaner ​​The Stralis X-WAY is optimised for easy installation of a gully cleaner body and to provide all the features you need. ​
    Exterior The X-Way's Exterior comes with great perks such as Full Integration of the Lightbar and Bulbar, Hydraulic front-wheel traction, All Wheel Drive when needed and more, Enquire for more information.
    EFFICIENT SYSTEM Hi-Cruise Integrated Drive System A GPS-based system that enables predictive cruise control and gear shifting, and further enhances the eco-roll function. An efficient driver assistant that provides considerable advantages: Advanced speed and gear fuel-saving strategies Misuse prevention by electronically-controlled gear shift Outstanding driving comfort
    HIGHER COMBUSTION EFFICIENCY Smart EGR Optimised injection timing further increases peak cylinder pressure and fuel efficiency. NOx generation is lowered through a light recirculation of exhaust gases in specific engine load ranges. Smart EGR is a fuel economy enabler not an emission control device; it reduces consumption on long-distance missions while offering all the advantages of the HI-SCR system.
    VERSATILITY Hi-Efficiency Engines The Stralis X-WAY offers a wide choice of FPT Cursor engines to suit all applications: 3 engines, with 3 different displacements and 9 power ratings, that deliver class leading power and torque density.
    Interior The X-WAY Interior can differ due to the choice of 3 different Cab types, It also includes HI-CRUISE integrated Drive System, Air Conditioning and more, Enquiry for more information.
    SUITED TO YOUR NEEDS Cab Types You can choose from three types of cabs for your Stralis X-Way - From the AD (Active Day) short cab with low roof, AT(Active Time) sleeper cab for ultimate comfort and the AS(Active Space) sleeper cab the largest cab designed for long haul missions
    FEEL SAFE DRIVE SAFE SAFETY Choose from a range of accessories to increase your safety when you drive the high quality reversing safety systems which provide a greater range of vision when performing manoeuvres.
    IMPROVED LIGHTING VIsibility The lightbar and bullbar are completely integrated in the cab to emphasise its shape and visibility. Full customisation with fleet sign to enhance the image of the Company is possible. Recommended for emergency situations or special manoeuvres, the beacon gives high visibility in all directions.