IVECO S-WAY MY24 Drive The Road of Change Born and built around you.


Up to 10% improvement in fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions thanks to the new powertrain, vehicle controls and improved aerodynamics.

Superior onboard living thanks to a new interior design, new dashboard with customizable materials and colours, new TFT instrument cluster, new infotainment and mirrorless cameras. State-of-the-art “car-like” feeling: new more vertical steering wheel, lower driving position giving enhanced comfort and responsiveness.

New Highway Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop&Go, GPS-Predictive and full comprehensive set of Active Safety functionalities to protect road users at 360°.

Mobility Solutions tailored to your needs. Better productivity and uptime with enhanced remote controls and connected services

    Sustainability Natural Gas is the most environmentally friendly fuel commercially available. IVECO’s 8,7 litre C9 NG and the New XCursor 13 12,9 litre engines can be chosen. Thanks to the EU derogation, 18 t and 26 t NG vehicles can have a bonus mass to match the increase in tare weight. New CNG tanks 2x 135 litres and 2x 175 litres each side are now available. 190 kgs of methane giving a range up to 800 km
    New Engine New XCursor 13 diesel brings state-of-the-art powerline technologies such as Dual Flow Turbine Volute for Downspeeding, Higher fuel injection pressure (2.500 bar), New lighter cylinder block, crankshaft and camshaft, Smart
    auxiliaries and Friction reductions. Top Engine rating produces up to 580 hp and 2.800 Nm of torque, perfect for heavy-duty missions that require maximum performance.
    CNG CNG cylinder steel type-1: 70, 80, 115 and 148 litres available. CNG packs can be mounted to the side members, behind the cab or on top of the frame. New CNG tanks 2x 135 litres and 2x 175 litres each side. 190 kgs of methane giving a range of 800 km. Side CNG packs mounted in the most forward position to leave space for the installation of equipment. NGV1+NGV2 refueling available for the whole range.
    Exterior Exterior features such as ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) Warns the road users behind the vehicle via hazard lights, when braking heavily.
    Stylish in all environments Exterior Style The new IVECO logo is available in chrome or matt gun metal finishes. There are eight grille options to choose from. These include glossy finishes, metallic elements or even body-coloured allowing operators to adapt their IVECO S-Way to mirror their corporate branding.
    Sleek and Innovative Mirrorless Camera The new mirrorless camera allows for a better visibility for the driver and improves aerodynamics aiding fuel economy. The front face includes headlamps with LED daytime running lights as standard, LED headlamps available, radar for ADAS functions, steps and grab handles to access the windscreen and side air deflectors designed to keep the door and mirrors clear even in adverse weather conditions.
    Comfort and Safety Driver-Centric Touch Superior onboard living thanks to a new interior design, a new dashboard customizable, fully adjustable steering wheel, full TFT instrument cluster (10 or 12 inch) and infotainment (10 inch) and electric parking brake. State-of-the-art car like feeling: more vertical steering wheel, lower driving position for enhanced comfort and responsiveness.
    Interior Interior features such as ALC (Alcohol Interlock), BSIS (Blind Spot Info System) Detects road users moving at 5-20 km/h speed in the nearside blind spot zone, providing visual and acoustic warnings, MOIS (Moving Off Info System) Detects nearby road users in the front blind spot zone, providing visual and acoustic warnings, DDAW (Driver Drowsiness Attention Warning) Monitors the driver alertness and provide a warning when they are drowsy and more.
    Best Peformer Total Cost Ownership Up to 10% better fuel consumption thanks to completely renovated powertrain, improved aerodynamics and state-of-the-art GPS predictive driving. TCO is lowered to extremely competitive levels thanks to fuel consumption reduction and a world of maintenance and telematic services that are built around the customer. New XCursor 13 engine with up to 580 hp and 2.800 Nm torque, new XCursor 13 Gas 500 hp and 2.200 Nm, new rear axle ratios 2,17 and 2,06, improved and optimized gearbox logic. 3 driving modes from ECO to Power with parameters that can be customized from new, by the driver or through telematics.
    Accommodated for size and travel New Interior Design The driver and passenger’s comfort is guaranteed by a choice of seats with all with full backrest. Choose from vinyl, fabric or leather, heated, air suspension, lumber support and even seat belt colour. With the improved ergonomics with the steering wheel and controls, every driver will be comfortable.
    The right cab for you. Cab Selection Choose from the full width AS sleeper cab with low or high roof for longer distance use or the compact AT sleeper cab with low or high roof for more regional missions. For those missions that don’t require a sleeper can, the AD day cab is the ideal choice.