IVECO S-WAY Haynes Trucks The IVECO S-WAY Demonstrator has now arrived - book your test drive now!


With a brand-new cab, outstanding fuel efficiency and advanced technology & connectivity

The IVECO S-WAY is a complete transport solution designed to provide drivers with excellent onboard living conditions and offer the business owner a winning solution by enhancing their competitiveness and Total Cost of Ownership.

It is set to be every driver's aspirational truck: designed around their needs, the new cab is spacious, rich in comfort features and advanced technologies.

It truly is your home from home. IVECO S-WAY is a 100% connected truck that opens a new era in fleet management and onboard living. Its advanced connectivity ensures that drivers are always in contact with their fleet manager, IVECO support specialists and the IVECO dealer network so that they’re never alone on the road.

IVECO S-WAY Demonstrator

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The wait is now over, the IVECO S-WAY Demonstrator has now arrived at Haynes Iveco.

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Exterior The IVECO S-WAY Exterior comes with great perks such as a All New Bumper, Side-skirts which add to the aerodynamics, Full LED Headlights and more, Enquire for more information.
ENDLESS BENEFITS Brand New Cab Redesigned from the ground up to deliver multiple benefits for customers – from fuel economy and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), to greater driver safety. Every single detail has been studied to maximise the vehicle's aerodynamic performance.
EXTRA PROTECTION All New Bumper The redesigned bumper offers a choice of plastic and hybrid solutions to match the requirement of your specific missions. The multi-piece bumper will protect you and your vehicle – and save on repair costs as you only need to replace the damaged section.
IMPROVED VISIBILITY Full LED Headlights The new-design full LED headlights will ensure you have all the visibility you need. The twilight sensor on the windscreen automatically turns on the low beam in low-light conditions. The cornering and traversing bends functions greatly improve the driver’s visibility when turning.
Interior The interior of the IVECO S-WAY has been completely redesigned to be tailored around the needs of the Driver with added benefits to improve driving comfort, sleeping and resting.
IMPROVED COMFORT FOR THE DRIVER Premium Driving Comfort The entire driver's area has been created to provide more space and excellent visibility. Every single detail has been carefully studied to meet the driver’s expectations on the road.
A HOME WITH WHEELS Everything In Its Place The spacious new cab offers all the storage you need, with well laid-out capacious compartments. The shaped upper shelf has a massive capacity of 250 litres.
INNOVATIVE DESIGN Rest and Sleep Well The symmetrical layout of the night area has been designed so you can enjoy a good night’s rest in great comfort. The one-piece lower bunk offers a choice of soft or hard mattress.