IVECO EUROCARGO MY24 Sustainably Efficient


The right fit for every mission.

Urban delivery in the city, Regional delivery city to city, Construction, Municipal and off-road, Eurocargo has always got the ideal vehicle for your mission even for the most specialised applications.

Every moment driving the Eurocargo is a pleasure thanks to the performance and driveability enhanced with the new instrumentation, the new multifunction steering wheel and the new column stalk controls. The added safety provided by the new ADAS features gives reassurance from the city to the highway. With 100% connectivity, the driver is always able to feel connected.

Stylish in all Environments Exterior Style The external appearance of the Eurocargo combines style with functionality. Headlamps with LED daytime running lights as standard, Xenon headlamps available, radar for ADAS functions, steps and grab handles to access the windscreen and side air deflectors designed to keep the door and mirrors clear even in adverse weather conditions.
The Right Driveline for your mission Versatile The diesel engines on the Eurocargo are Tector 5 four-cylinder 4,5 litre and Tector 7 six-cylinder 6,7 litre diesel engines. The range includes seven power levels from 160 to 320 hp, with a maximum torque of 1.100 Nm. These engines are mated to 6 or 9 speed manual gearboxes or the 8 speed ZF automatic transmission to ensure the optimal driveline. A 5 speed Allison automatic transmission is also available for those missions that require it.
For Everyday Driving Suspensions You can choose the suspension type to suit any mission: - Parabolic or reinforced parabolic leaf springs for on road use. - Semi-elliptical leaf spring for more rugged terrains. - Air suspensions controlled by an ECAS (Electronically Controlled Air Suspension) system to guarantee a constant vehicle height regardless of the load, they can be fitted to either the rear axle only or to both axles. They allow the vehicle to raise and lower to meet loading decks
Quick Access Functional Dashboard Eurocargo stands out from the crowd with its standard 10-inch cluster, which provides excellent visibility of the vehicle information with more readable, larger font sizes. Life on board is even more pleasant with a choice of a new DAB radio and infotainment system. The display is in the central section of the dashboard. The driver will easily bring their digital life on board with Alexa and the in-cab microphone.
Dynamic Change New Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Enjoy more safety and less fatigue on long working days behind the wheel with the new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Driving in busy traffic and door-to-door missions become stress free with the new city-focused ADAS.
Ready for Any Mission Sustainable Besides the proven Tector 5 (4,5 litre) and Tector 7 (6,7 litre) diesel engines, the new 6.7litre CNG engine uses the most environmentally-friendly fuel commercially available. The vehicle’s features are identical to the diesel versions. New 8 speed ZF automatic transmission ensures that the optimal driveline can be created for any mission.